1 May 2017


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As a Nigerian thought leader, I have taught the principles of spreading ideas and creating ripples in any type of industry you find yourself..

Traditional book publishing got invaded by electronic publishing giving a common man the platform to click publish anytime they want to from their beds…

The gatekeepers are getting dead already…

We aren’t ready to beg them for attention..

What we need is smart work, connection and ourselves to get things done…

Are you bugged by sourcing ideas ???

Ideas that can change the world, make you fortune and scream your name to the world aren’t far from you, but only few people listen, here are the questions that filled my hearts with ideas.

You can be an idea generator to

✔ What is the world hungry for ???

✔ What do friends, family complain about mostly ???

✔ Which industry is yet to leverage technology ???

✔ What Questions do people ask frequently ???

✔ What is buzzing on the search engine now ???

⤵ Hey, What Products/services can you build to fix the leakages from the above questions.???

Asking the right Questions will give a wider perspective and attract buoyant results.

Have sex with ideas and you can rule the world with them..

Thought leadership isn’t about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.

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