1 Jan 2017


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We made it, This is new year !!!

I am sitting in my corner asking questions and thinking about what the best performers and most successful people do to continually outperform everyone around them.

I have come up with tips that I advice that you concentrate on, reflect on these tips and allow them infuse your mindset.


✔ Remember that your thoughts determine the quality of your life

✔ Promise is a debt, keep the ones you keep to yourself and others

✔ The Project that scares you should be attempted first.

✔ The Small Steps are the key to long-term results

✔ Stop being busy but more productive

✔ Read Books to enlarge your thoughts

✔  Be the Politest person you know

✔ Remember that all great ideas were first ridiculed

✔ Criticism shouldn’t stop but trigger you

✔ Take 60 Minutes every weekend to craft a blueprint for the coming seven days

✔ Always look for better ways to get things done not the conventional way

✔ Give your customers, family the greatest gift : the gift of attention and presence

✔ Every Morning ask yourself. “How may I best serve the most people”

✔ Every Night ask yourself, “What five things happened to me this day”

✔ Don’t waste your valuable hours on low value work

✔ Don’t spend time with pessimists

✔ Face your fears

✔ Keep a journal, your life story is worth recording

✔ Leave your ego at the door

✔ Say Please, sorry and thank you

✔ Eat healthy food

✔ Be spiritual

✔ Exercise your body

✔ Hire a Coach

✔ Save more spend less

✔ Take risks

✔ Write a book

✔ Start something with what you have.

✔ Invest in online courses and products that will empower you.

✔ Travel to a nice location

✔ Leave time for meditation.

✔ Ask why before any action.

✔ Add value to someone (your smile can be one way)

✔ Celebrate every success

✔ Learn lessons from every failure.

✔ Get Innovative

✔ Work with industry leaders in your field.

2017 will surely be your best year…

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