Having beautiful dreams but no zeal to break out and act equals zero achievement……

I wouldn’t swear, I have met people who only start businesses with their lips, run for political offices in their bedrooms, write a book in their sleep….

When you share discussions with this class, of course they sound brilliant and gifted but having no results to show….

Talent isn’t enough, we have talented fools, super brilliant procrastinators, idea generators who score no goals……

Movement is required for creativity and accomplishment, if we are going to accomplish our purposes, we must learn how to start moving and keep moving…..

It may be your turn to shine, but if you move no inch, you will remain in the dark…


As 2017 flaunts its head, here are few words you should carve on your mind , stop romancing and pampering ideas, execute with no sympathy…

A step can transform your life….


Speaker Sam

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Ufie Victor - December 17, 2016

You actually said the truth, but as you write remember also that, there are people who have wonderful ideas and dream but had no one to help them realize such dream… I know for sure that everything is possible to them that believe, but not everyone actually have that stamina to stand and challenge their obstacles. What do we say to such people. Remember, they don’t know that any websites like this exist talk more of reading its content…


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