18 Nov 2016


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Few days ago, I visited my kid sister’s school, I sighted kids who splashed colors on their wears, this scenario brought up memories of what creativity looked like as a kid, we created canoes from papers, birthed fans from spoilt home appliances with blades as it’s wings.

What has happened to creativity and innovation in the world today?



Our perception of creativity has shut many thresholds where art should have been created to solve the problems of humanity, we are at a time where we need more artists( creators of things)..

Creativity is broader than artistic fields, it’s beyond painting, sculpture, dance and song writing, I think of it as using imagination to create something new in the world.

In the business world, creativity manifests itself as innovation many tech firms such as Facebook, google, twitter have unleashed their employees creativity to change the lives of billions of users…

The big question here is,
How do you find your own creative energy?

Finding your own Einstein starts with studying how the creative geniuses and artists act,

Creatives think big.

Creatives take responsibility

Creatives listen well.

Creatives seek help.

Creatives work hard, the best creatives are not lazy. .

Creatives demonstrate grit.

Creatives remain humble.

Here is a shocking fact, Every human has creative potentials waiting to be tapped, find and transform yours to change the world.

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